<2014> DECONSTRUCTED LYRICS of Parastou Forouhar´s Zeichenschwarm at Galerie Morgen

`Deconstructed Lyrics´ is a series of photos, shot at the demolished Galerie Morgen, in the shadow of the new European Central Bank in the East of Frankfurt am Main.

Deconstructed Lyrics

The reorganization of the surrounding, started with the demolition of the area around this stately landmark for the capitalistic West, gives a new layer to the work and intention of the Parastou´s `Zeichenschwärme´. The original place of this explicit work was the stairway at the inside. Before they started to smash down the gallery building, you couldn´t see the artwork without entering the house.


Deconstructed Lyrics

Deconstructed Lyrics

Deconstructed Lyrics

Deconstructed Lyrics

Deconstructed Lyrics

Deconstructed Lyrics

Deconstructed Lyrics

Deconstructed Lyrics

Deconstructed Lyrics

Deconstructed Lyrics

Deconstructed Lyrics Deconstructed Lyrics Deconstructed Lyrics


Deconstructed Lyrics

Deconstructed Lyrics

Deconstructed Lyrics


Parastou Forouhar on qagoma.tv
APT7 | Parastou Forouhar ‘Written room 1999–ongoing’ | Installation Time Lapse


<2014> INTERFUSION – Luminale 2014

INTERFUSION – Fotoarbeiten und Studien von Pascal Schonlau & Mario Gaetano Brucculeri

Unser Beitrag zur Luminale 2014 – Biennale der Lichtkultur 30.3. – 4.4.2014 in Frankfurt am Main


Im Spannungsfeld zwischen Ökonomie, Ästhetik und Nutzen entwickelten die beiden Künstler Pascal Schonlau und Mario Gaetano Brucculeri ein konsequent reduziertes Antikonzept. Für das Projekt INTERFUSION durchdringen sie mit künstlichem Licht urbane und natürliche Umgebungen und stellen darin enthaltene Sub-Räume heraus. Energetisch gesehen, kann man INTERFUSION als Statement zur Energiedebatte betrachten. Das Licht ist dabei der Aktivist, der mittels minimalster Strommengen ein Höchstmaß an rhetorischem Ausdruck erzeugt.


In the field of tension between economics, aesthetics and usefulness, the two artists have developed a consistently reduced anti-concept. For the project INTERFUSION they penetrate urban and natural environments with artificial light and accentuate the sub-spaces therein. The light is the activist, which produces a high degree of rhetorical expressio n using minimal amounts of electricity. The two artists present large-scale images in a series of choreographic light installations, implemented in contemplative places where light installations may want to be, but cannot be.





Fotos & Studien zu INTERFUSION
Souvenir Frankfurt At Jujugi – Zeilgalerie, Frankfurt am Main

31.3. – 4.4. | 12.00 – 20.00 h
Vernissage: Do 27.3. | 19.00 – 23.00 Uhr







INTERFUSION – audiovisuelle Installation
Lichtkunst/Montez at Honsellbrücke

30.3. – 4.4. | 12.00 – 20.00 h
Vernissage: Do 30.3. | 19.00 – 23.00 Uhr
Finissage: Fr 4.4. | 19.00 – 23.00 Uhr


Im Rahmen der Gruppenausstellung `Lichtkunst/Montez at Honsellbrücke´ präsentieren wir weitere großformatige Fotoarbeiten einer Reihe choreographischer, von Tonspuren begleiteter, Lichtinstallationen. Diese waren in kontemplative Orte in und um Frankfurt/M. implementiert, an denen Lichtinstallationen vielleicht sein wollen, aber nicht sein können.



Audiovisuelle Installation INTERFUSION – großformatige Fotos, 4-Kanal Ton, etalux® flex, Elektrizität:




Bulb Action – Mirek Macke:



Many thanks to Virginia Schultheis, Judith Hartnack, Jürgen Zeller, Mirek Macke, Helmut Bien, eRessource GmbH

<1997 - 2014> ☆ CRIMINAL JUKEBOX ☆

CRIMINAL JUKEBOX – RadioX X-Fade Nightshift-DJ since 1997
Mario Gaetano on Soundcloud

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☆ Silent Shouts for a Quiet Life ☆

Mario Gaetano´s Criminal Jukebox – November Refill N°195
☆ Silent Shouts for a Quiet Life ☆
psychedelic dream stream

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☆ Selected BAD PANDA RECORDS artists only! ☆

Mario Gaetano´s Criminal Jukebox – The italian November refill experiment
Global melodies, chords, breaks, beats & singsang from Italy in the mix.
☆ Selected BAD PANDA RECORDS artists only! ☆

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☆ Caramel Juju ☆

Mario Gaetano´s Caramel Juju, mixed on a filthy criminal jukebox. Specially for You.
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<2007> HEAVEN & HELL

HEAVEN & HELL – Mousonturm, Frankfurt am Main
2 clubs, stage and ballroom design for music and audience
with dj-altar, neon gloriole, minimalistic dance vulcano, cell division & infernal glorius visual media


77_blincp1050791800 77_hhhimmelspan01800 77_hhhimmelspan02800 77_hhhimmelspan03800 77_hhhimmelspan04800

White Room – RGB cell divison

17_blincmouson052 17_blincmouson05117_blincmouson05417_blincmouson053
17_blincmouson056 17_blincmouson055

Black Room

73_blincmouson046 73_blincmouson045 73_blincmouson044 73_blincmouson043 73_blincmouson042 73_blincmouson05073_blincmouson041 73_blincmouson049 73_blincmouson048 73_blincmouson047

Ballroom with dj-altar, neon gloriole, minimalistic dance vulcano & infernal glorius visual media

74_blincmouson03777_blincmouson025800 74_blincmouson038 74_blincmouson036 77_blincmouson002 77_blincmouson011 77_blincmouson012 77_blincmouson01377_blincmouson00977_blincmouson01475_blincmouson029 75_blincmouson031800 75_blincmouson033 74_blincmouson034 74_blincmouson035 77_blincmouson018800 77_blincmouson017 77_blincmouson016 77_blincmouson015   74_blincmouson040
77_blincmouson023 77_blincmouson02177_blincmouson024



Track bar change is a freestyle guerilla-cyclist discipline. It is exclusivly performed by it´s inventors on their custom made fixies, Matze and Jacek. Enjoy the suspense of this minimalstic critical skill.

Buddy Rich – Drum Solo (1978)
Gene Gruppa vs. Buddy Rich – The Drum Battle (1966)
The Flobots – I Can Ride My Bike With No Handlebars (2008)
cuts and breaks by Mario Gaetano